Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Family 1st Giveaway by DJf CloSet blogwalking jumpe satu give away aku nk join gak la..
closing date pn dh dekat...9 hb sape2 nk join sila la ke sini ye..

senang aje nk join..tgk bwah ni :
  1. Be our follower.
  2. Write about this Giveaway in your blog. Put our link in your entry (
  3. Put the Happy Family Giveaway banner to your sidebar and link it to this Giveaway. (
  4. Enter your name, email and your entry's link at this comment box.

mandang kn give away ni bertajuk "Happy Family Giveaway" aku nk tepek sekeping gambo kami tiga beranak ni..wlaupun xde dlm syarat2 die..hehe..

my hepi family...hooyeaahh!

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